okay so as some of you know my husband and i split up in april... well in october he begged us to come back and promised that everything would be different and i thought what the heck might as well give it a try.... well things were great or so i thought... i mean we had the typical fights but what couple doesnt.... well two days after christmas he decides to tell me that he is tired of me and the kids and he wants us to leave..... i am devasted but then i find out that it is because of another girl named vanessa.... so of course this really pisses me off but at the same time im like well if she wants him let her have him and his controlling behaviors and i leave.... well he told me today that he has been sleeping with her for sometime... so today i find her myspace page and im going through her friends list and i notice that one of her friends is her aunt so this is what i sent her aunt in an email:

hey you dont know me but i thought that i would fill you in on something.... your neice ness is dating my husband.... thats right we are still married and i am having his child in september....i am not writting this as an ex scorned but will say that i am very upset that she would go this far as to be sleeping with a married man... he got rid of me and our two kids so that he can be with her.... i want you to know that i am his second wife and that he has 2 children and one on the way that he doesnt bother seeing at all... i have written to your neice and told her that she needs to be careful because wesley gets tired of women and jobs all the time and then just kicks them to the curb and then talks all sorts of crap about them.... she is so young and i know that she doesnt want to believe me because she is smitten but i dont want to see her go through the same hurt that both me and his first wife have gone through... wesley and i split up in april of last year for 6 months and i was awarded sole custody of our 1 year old son.... in october of last year he begged us to come back and so we gave it one more try only for him to tell us two days after christmas that he was tired of us and wanted us to leave.... when we found out that i was pregnant he told me big whoop your pregnant well deal with it and i will send you extra money each month... he has not sent any money and has only called to talk to our son once since we have been back..... like i said i just want to look out for her and make sure that he doesnt hurt her like he has me and my children and his ex wife and her child.... maybe you can talk some sense to her....


and now i am wondering if i should of done this or not...... would any of you done the same thing.... what would you guys have done.... i dont ever want him back and am fully going through with the divorce this time but i am still hurt by what he has done to me and what she is allowing herself to do to me....... keep in mind that i am pregnant with his child and due in september..... please give me some advice.....

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:30 PM Wow that is really hard.  I am so sorry to hear you have to go through your pregnancy and raise your children alone.  What is really sad is this man wants nothing to do with his children  but there are lots of those type of men out there.  I don't think what you did was bad, your message sounds sincere and hopefully the aunt will see that if not the girl.  I am sure she is young and flatered about being able to hook a married man but she will learn if this is not the first time he has done it.   You tried to warn her and that actually takes a big person to do that for someone who has been sleeping with your husband weather you want him back or not.  My advise to you would be not to get into any arguments with the girl or aunt.  If they send you a message back and it is cruel in anyway just let it go right there.  All you have tired to do it help someone else from being hurt and possibly left alone and pregnant.  Just be careful!  Good luck to you and your children, sending love to you, I am sure you can use it right now.

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