Until Punky's brother goes back home with grandma and grandpa.  Things are going MUCH more smoothly now that they are only occasionally bickering over stuff.  Punky is being far less territorial, and the two things they seemed to fight the most over I finally just put in the closet.  Out of sight, out of mind.......and far more peace!
All in all it is going pretty darn good.  Friday both boys were supposed to go to visitation with mom, but the family care worker couldn't supervise because her own child became ill and she had to go get him from school.  She offered mom a Saturday visit to make it up to her........and mom said, "Well, I use my Saturdays to rest and to do what I want.  I don't think visit will work for me. "  Are you kidding me?  So she forfeited her make-up visit.  Now she saw Punky for only 6 of her 15 hours, and Brother NONE of his visit hours.  Usually she spends all day Sunday with Brother at her parents house, but obviously he will be with me until Tuesday. 
If the foster care review board was meeting Monday on MY case, I would be doing all I could to show what a good mom I was and how I put my kids first.  I don't understand why she is making such poor choices concerning the appearance of her priorities.
She has a new boyfriend now, and spends much of her time at his trailer house.  I don't know much else about him.......which honestly, is probably good. 
Punky is doing awesome........eating lots and lots of new chunks of food as long as they are soft and mixed in with something familiar.  Now you put the food on the spoon and he takes the spoon from you, eats the food and returns the empty spoon to the bowl.  Whooo hoooo......progress :)
He no longer cries for his bottle......accepts the sippy cup.  Still doesn't get that he needs to suck on it to increase the flow, so we have to use ones that the stopper comes out and free-flow pretty well.  It is pretty messy, but effective. 
Tomorrow I am going to take the boys to church, then to lunch and shopping for groceries.  We are all going stir crazy, and need to get out of the house.  I wish we had an indoor playground somewhere......a place to blow off energy without freezing our buns off! :) 
We meet with the Foster Care Review Board on Monday......I hope their recommendation to the courts is that we change the primary goal to adoption.  It would be a very important step! 

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 11:50 AM we have an indoor playground in Lincoln Ne where are you guys??

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