My husband and I just got back from a dinner party of church, we took our son (18 mos.)  I had asked for childcare earlier in the week and they got back to me today saying they couldn't find anything but it would be really informal so feel free to bring him.  We arrived and all the tables are set nice--it was a party for about 25 people.  Anyway, my son being the boy that he is always wants to be active & loud, nothing wrong with that.  It was upsetting my husband though, I think he was more embarrassed than anything.  I told him men and women see it differently.  Most women tend to laugh and say how cute, men just can't see that.  I'm just happy my son is so full of life.  I guess I would have been more upset if I hadn't checked ahead of time for the sitter situation.  I don't want my husband to feel like we have to miss out on events because we have a child--I understand there are some situations where it wouldn't be the best idea to bring him.  Anyone have any ideas on making my husband feel better about it?  Maybe any stories speaking from experience?  Thanks.

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