WHY do they grow so quickly?  seeing and anticipating the growth of my second baby makes me realize how fast you can forget these precious moments of babyhood....ah, i just relish in every moment, every smile, babble, breath, all that's new in his bright little world....it's so exciting to watch him learn...and yet I'm reminded that we've already been through these motions and emotions with our first-born--and now  he's THREE YEARS OLD!!!  How is that possible!  

I'm so blessed....they're so beautiful and healthy, THANK GOD they're healthy...may not be the best sleepers in the world, but at least that's the biggest of my worries...


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Feb. 3, 2008 at 11:01 PM

Ah, yes. The sleeping! Well, I haven't done this before, but already I'm realizing that I need to cherish and hold onto these moments. It's so exciting watching him learn and grow. I see his personality more every day and am getting to know him more every day! The way I figure it, the sleep issues we run into are just small potatoes. LOL. No big deal, really. But with him in my bed with me, it's easy... just pop in a boob and he's back to sleep before even opening his eyes, lol.

I can't imagine him as a 3 year old. You boys are so handsome and happy! I'm happy for you! 

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