Here I go again...

When was our last 7 hour stretch...I don't even, not only do we have a 6 month old trying to conquer the night, but our 3 yr old WHO USED TO SLEEP EFFORTLESSLY is crying out for us at least once, sometimes 3 times, a night!  We know how and why it started....the freakn' WHOOO as he describes it. The howling sound of the wind gusting outside his is quite eerie, I'll admit, one that terrorizes my sweet boy.  We've gone great lengths to squash that sound from ever reappearing.  I have to put my ego and pride of my house aside---WE NOW HAVE NO SHUTTERS!!! YUCK!!!  However, the bad news is...his waking has transitioned from the terror due to the wind, to simply dreaming whatever a precious 3 yr old can dream and crying out about it....  what can we do?  He truly does cry..he's not waking for our attention, well ok, let me take that back...he will often ask us to lay with him.  But how can we not, when he's gotten himself in such a state that he practically trembles with fear.... we don't want it to escalate to the point that he doesn't even want to go to bed...we're not there and never want to be.  So, we just continue to tend to him when he wakes or cries out in the middle of the night. 

 To think that not but a few months ago we were relishing in the fact that it was so easy to #1, put him to bed, and #2 for him to sleep like 12 hours solid...

 As for the baby....well, I guess it's partly my fault...some would say ALL my fault...  I have successfully trained him to need my breast to fall asleep.  It was easy, and why not?  Twas not the case with my first-born (poor baby :) but the second time around, things are DIFFERENT!!!  He's different as well, duh... but seriously, we're getting a little concerned about the amount of times he's crying out from the time we put him to bed until morning.  We used to get some great stretches of 5-6-7 hour sleep, uninterrupted...and maybe only cry once before those, the norm is that he cries out 3-4 times by 1 am...and EACH and EVERY time, I'm there to soothe him.  I try not to feed him, as I know he's not hungry...but sometimes that's all that works.  It's SOOO hard to hear your baby cry and not tend to him to see what is wrong.  Right?  But this crying 3, 4 times before we've even really gotten to sleep is a bit excessive!  We try to say...teething, maybe a growth spurt, and now he's got a stuffy little nose from a cold....  but could some of it possibly be that he is just so used to mommy always being there that I've trained him to thinking that I will in fact be there at every waking tear??  Oh no, what am i going to do??  let him cry???  ha! 

 maybe we'll just keep holding our breath and hope that the next night will be the one...the one where we actually got to sleep for longer than an hour at a time


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:17 PM

maybe find some music for the 3 yr old to listen to at night. My oldest heard every sound imaginable, the smallest creak of the cat walking into his room sometimes. He did a lot better if I played music all night in his room. It seemed to drown the other sounds.


Nothing wrong at all with laying and sleeping with him when he needs. He won't go to college needing you to sleep with him.

I don't have much advice for the baby. Ley him sleep in your bed sometimes or get him used to a pacifier. often they just need to suckle so a paci meets that need. Get a small blanket or undershirt and put some breastmilk on it and put it in his crib. Or even just wear it and put it in his crib. he'll be comforted my your smell- that helps sometimes.


I had 3 boys in 3yrs.I  didn;t get much sleep for a few years..LOL

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 11:16 PM

I think it's great that you are there to comfort him and lay with him. I support that 100%. As I haven't done this before, I have to agree with Kiter that music might help. It makes sense to me. Poor guy. I can't imagine what a 3 year old might dream and fear.

Does Boden sleep with you? Or do you just pick him up and nurse him back to sleep that way? I nurse Dashiel to sleep most nights, or he'll be swaddled in Tim's robe and fall asleep there and then put down in our bed. My guess would be teething. I say that because Dashiel used to go 4-7 hours without waking until he was hungry. Then he started waking very frequently to nurse. It was comfort sometimes and hunger sometimes. Well, he got 2 teeth and started sleeping better... until now, as he's getting more teeth! I try switching him to a binky, but he wakes up because he knows! I will say, it's gotten better since he's been getting solids and a bath before bed. I think he knows the routine now. We're not so strict about time, but he will get something (avocado, sweet potato, banana, or cereal) about an hour or 2 after I last nursed him. Then he gets a bath and I lay in bed with him to nurse him, hopefully to sleep. It's 50/50. Sometimes he gets a full belly and is "talking" away and excited. That's when dad takes over and gets him to sleep. But we're persistent. We shut the lights off, don't let him see the t.v. and he eventually goes to sleep. I noticed he stays asleep longer when he's had some solids. But that teething pain will wake him no matter what. UGH.

Okay, I know this is getting long, but... I think that at 6 months, it's too soon to think that the nursing is creating a problem. Eventually, they won't need to wake up to eat, nutritionally, and at that point I will worry about it. When Dashiel should be going the night without food, I will not nurse him back to sleep.  I know I am a new mom, but my gut tells me to give my baby what he needs right now. I am sticking to the "you can't spoil a baby" thing, lol.

I hope you get some sleep! At least naps? 

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