That I cared about me.That I cared enough to stop and think and really devote time, energy,and most of all Give A myself.......But its high time.......I am only on this planet for but who knows how long.I am a Christian, a Mother,a daughter, a aunt,a Maid, a Taxi,a Pschologist, A nurse, a counselor, a short order cook, a hair color expert of teens who color their hair all the time, I am a giver by choice and seldom a taker.

I am now Girls going to Extrem Makeover Me......No More Just Jeans and Teeshirts and No makeup with hair in a half bun half pony tail thing with the babys sippy cup spillage on me.

I want to be something that is Sexy .............I want to feel good in my skin because after all it is mine for life.

So with that said.

What do you do when you are pink{any shade} love high heels but afraid to pull them off as afraid to fall lol ......You love pink lipstick but afarid to look like a lot lizard.......I love Brittney Spears,her music, and I love teenage stuff too the music the clothes {some} but Girls I am not going to dress like I am a middle age woman.I am not going to dress like I am a teen either.

I hate Red......Love Pink........I can no longer wear shimmery eye shadows as they make my eyes look wrinkly according to my oldest daughter I bought matte eyes shadow and bought both gray and brown eyes liner as Black is not good for us older chicks apparently.......

I have started using eye wrinkly cream  so as to maybe make I dunno myself feel like I AM DOING SOMETHING PROACTIVE .

OK so....

enough of me and on to a knew me I shall post pics later




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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:25 PM

Oh my gosh...its like you read my mind and wrote my lifes story.  I joined cafemom because I felt like you do (only just 2 days ago).  I have 2 boys Ashton, 3 and Christian, 9 months, sometimes I include my husband as one of my children (lol).  I work full time and trying to balance everything is exhausting!  I would never be caught dead in some of the things I am wearing now!  YOur words hit home.  Would love to chat.


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:27 PM ROCK ON GIRL!!! DO YOUR THANG!!!!!!!!!! =D

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