So I got to hang out with one of my best buds today. She is 4 months along. She is the sweetest person!  Oh, and get this, it turns out that her appointment with her OB is RIGHT after mine on Monday! Isn't that hilarious! Maybe that is a good sign! lol! She recomended him to me, so I already knew she  went to see him, but it's awesome that I will likely see her on my way out!  But please pray for me! I am so scared about the pain. But anyways. Also, at our get-together,  I told another girl at our church that we are TTC. It sort-of just slipped out! lol. We were keeping it a secret so that it would be a big surprise once it happened, but like I said, I just had to get it out, lol. Only my friend knew that we were TTC, because we started TTC at the same time. Anywhos, so that's one more person who can pray for us! Tomorrow I will likely see my other friend who is about 5-7 weeks along. (The one who  was alittle 'elusive' with her baby news, lol.) So wish me luck there. ;) I still have a cold, but my throat isn't as bad as it was the day before yesterday. Also, I just found out that Children's Benadryl isn't bad for you if you are pregnant! Yay! (just in case!) And that stuff helps me sleep too! lol! Man, I've been eating crap lately. I am gonna get huge if I am not careful. :) Anyways, nitey nite, TTC'ers!

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