So, I've been in a funk all day because my hubby has friends in town that are completely oblivious to the fact that I'm pregnant and/or they are too inconsiderate to think of anyone but themselves...

Needless to say, I feel really left out, and what's worse is that my hubby is down in San Diego somewhere partying it up with these people (as he has been ALL DAY) without me... and he probably won't be home until around 3am.

I keep fighting the urge to cry. I mean, seriously - it isn't like there isn't stuff to do up in North County close to home. For lunch they were going to drag me to some Asian food place down in Kearny Mesa, when my hubby knows Asian food makes me puke right now. Does he say to them, "Hey, Jess can't eat that so let's think of somewhere else!"? No. Of course not... he offers to stop and get me Wendy's for lunch on the way to the restraunt. Uhm, no thanks. I've been trying to stay away from fast food, and successfully, and the thought of it makes me nauseated.

So I stay home, with the thought of possibly meeting up with them after I nap and eat something via My Kitchen. I text him when I get up from my nap (actually, he texted me first and woke me up - so sweet and considerate of him), and ask what they're up to. Now they're going to go ICE SKATING in La Jolla. Ice Skating? Really? C'mon... that's not even funny. Seriously - why the hell would I, a 6 month pregnant woman even fathom going ice skating?! I'm certainly not going to go watch all 8 of their dumb asses skate when I can't do crap. 

I just feel really left out and down. I miss my husband, and I just wish he would step up to the plate more for me and think about the pregnant woman for once.

Now they're off to a pizza place somewhere down in PB or something and then going to MoonDoggies to drink and watch a band.

I know I could go and be a good sport about it, but I'm not comfortable driving for over an hour to go somewhere and do something I could walk five minutes from my house to do. I'm just frustrated, and maybe I'm being childish... but I seriously can't stop crying and feeling bad.

I'm so happy to be pregnant, and this should be such a joyous time.. but I just feel like everyone else's lack of realization that I have limitations to what I can and want to do for the sake of the baby really sucks...

So I'm off to do some retail therapy. I'm going to hit up Barnes and Noble and then Michael's the craft store to get some yarn for my Mom. Nothing takes my mind off the blues like spending money...

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 11:39 PM Aren't hubby's just lovely!  It's like when friends are around you could be there and they wouldn't know it sometimes!  I'm here tonight if ya wanna talk!  TTYL  Tenia

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