Well, this week has been very stressfull. My daughter had a dietitian and a feed specialist over the house. come to find out she is only the weight of a 3 month old and the length of a 7 month old.... she is 11 months old (on the 8th of feb.) now that was not the worst part of the visit. more testing is on the way. we have to get a modified barium swallow study done. they say she is not eating correctly from her bottle and they want to know why. so she has been pulled from her bottle and is now being hydrated only by the foods she eats. that is a concern. but i guess its something you have to deal with. she said mama today for the first time today. i dont think she really knew what she was saying but that is okay she said it either way right? we bought her some good shoes today so maybe they will help with balance. she has a problem with the fluid in her ears and her brain catching up with each other. maybe just maybe those nice shoes daddy bought might help. so im going to go now but this is my update.... or begining of entries i should say. hope all is well.


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