Just sitting here looking at my junior smiling at me from his swing. Man, time flys by so fast and next thing you know your sons holding his bottle on his own and suddenly doesnt want you to carry him as much. Pretty soon he's gonna ask me not to hug him in front of school so he wont be embarrased in front of his friends. I dont look forward to that day! LOL I'm just thinking that junior is growing up so fast and I feel like i'm not ready! lol I know, I have to let things unravel on there own and hope he calls when he's older and married! lol for now, I'm happy with my 9 month old junebug that brightens my day. Today he actually let me hug him and he stayed there like before. Usually now he'll push me away but today he just layed there and smiled. like before., my junebug, I love you!

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