umm it was earlier today. and i didn't want to leave but i needed cold med. for my little guy. Hes got horable asthma and needed refills for his nebulizer. and i wanted to pick up a few more things for their room. Im redoing it becuse there out growing my little baby nick nacks. so im doing the new cars movie theme. and as far as im concerned its a bigger pain in the ass then i would like. and i know right now they dont care but i do and i dont want my girly things effecting them. so i get to play mommy daddy grandpa and everyone else. so my question for today is: HOW CAN U TELL A CHILD HAS OUT GROWN MOMMY?

and i probaly have different ideas then the rest of the mommies but i know my babies have out grown me a little. both of my boys are independant. and some ppl wonder how that is but it is. and it breaks my heart. so if u can answer that it would be awesome......

and for any mother that their child is older then my boys i need to know how to deal with it. cuz i dont think i want them to ever grow up. their finally in that fun stage and not too sure mommy is ready to grow up and let lose a little bit.

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