My children were in the tub with a bunch of bath toys, cleaned and ready to get out.  My son jumps out of the tub and says it "It looks like poop!"  Sure enough my 2 year old had an accident in the tub.  She starts crying and I hurry both of them to the other shower while calling for my dh.  I clean them again from head to toe and leave them to soak while I disinfect the other bathroom.  I go back to get the kids out of the shower and my 2 year old has now painted herself and the shower with chunks of my bar soap.  She repeatedly says she is sorry while I try to remove all the soap.  Finally, I get her out of the shower put a towel around her and go into the bedroom where she promptly sits down and pees on the carpet putting her hands in it. She starts crying again saying her booty is broken and it doesnt work.  Okay, that is just funny.   Back to the shower again.  She is clean and I hand her over to my dh and am now scrubbing the carpet.  I am glad that is over. 

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 11:08 PM my daughter never once pooped in the tub..then one day my son did (at the time he was a little over a year I think) and since then it has happened several other times!  I guess it was payback for having several years of poop free baths!  It's always so much fun to reclean the kids, clean all those bath toys, etc.  Oh the joys of motherhood!

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Mar. 12, 2008 at 2:43 PM YES!!!!  My older son had a lot of "accidents" in the tub when he was little, but I would have that anyday over having "accidents" in his pants(he's potty training)!  EWWWW!  Last night though, I put my 2 and 3 yr. old in the tub and proceeded to make dinner (just one room over) and I came in to wash them up to find they had gotten all "200" bathtub toys in the tub and somewhere in the bottom of the tub was MY bar of dissolving soap.  I drained the water and put clean in and walked out to check on my soup and came back to more merky soap water.  Drained it again and reilled the tub.  I wonder some times how much time I would have left over if I did't have to do things 2,3,4,5... times!!!  One day I will lol about it all.

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