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Snow Science
There’s so much fun & Learning to be done with snow! Allow for mess making, after all, because snow melts into water your clean up is so simple—just provide towels!To Do:
1) Set out 4 bins filled with: Water, Slushy snow (add water), Fresh Snow, Ice Snow (put the snow in the freezer for a while. Do not freeze solid but freeze enough to allow for “digging” and “scraping” )
2) Provide a variety of the same items at each bin. The idea is to explore how each “snow stage” is different. By providing the same items at each bin you allow for discussion of the differences. For example you may say, “We can fill the strainer with snow, but what happens when we try to fill the strainer with water?” Items to try: spoons, plastic knives, strainers, whisks, hand beaters, etc. (try raiding your play kitchen!)
3) Encourage sorting and classifying concepts by piling all the wet and used items in an empty bin. Have the children help dry off the items and put them back—one at each bin. You can add to the learning by tracing each item onto a poster board at each bin and having the children place the objects they’ve dried on the correct outline.

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