So the thing I'm pondering(love that word) tonight was inspired by the movie War Of The Worlds with Tom Cruise and Dakota Fanning. As I was watching it I started thinking about all the movies that little girl has been in. Think about it. She has been surrounded by death, blood, and violence for probably half of her life if not more.

No matter how much it is explained to a child about pretend and real, do you think there is any way that she is nightmare-free? Where are her parents? Obviously there and allowing this. But I wonder what kind of adult she will grow into. I wonder what kind of children we are all raising. Do we protect them enough from the destruction and corruption of the world? Do we protect them too much? At what point/age is it ok to pop the protection bubble?

What will this generation turn into? Encompassed by horror, fear, violence. Are they completely desensitized? How can we stop it when "everyone else is doing it?" I don't know about you, but it makes me sick. Sad. It's not just the kids. It's EVERYONE. Violent movies are the only ones that sell. Yelling at each other, hitting each other, even comedies and romances are abusive.

I dunno. Just my thoughts.

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