So after crying and letting it all out the other day, I feel much better. It helped that after I cried I slept for like 3 hours and then went right back to bed about 2 hours later. My dad, stepped up and took the night shift treatments of my sons for last few nights,.  I am so thankful for him. I needed the rest so very very much. It is amazing what sleep can do for you. That and taking a long, hot bath. With the full treatment, candles, oils and all. I soaked all my cares away. Until i was prunish... lol

NOw I can think clearly and feel more like a mom who can accomplish something, no the dead zombie i was feeling like.

I got up today, got kids ready and we headed off to grocery store, Hit save-a-lot and got the canned goods, dry goods and a few other odds and ends.Then came home, made lunch, adn we all took a nap. By time  I got up my dad, was home and he kept the kids so I could go to the other store and get the fruits veggies and dairy thing I needed. I am so weird I go to 2-3 stores to get differnet hings. But i just dont trust the fresh produce  at save a lot to last, and canned good and dry goods are too expensive most every wehre else.

spent about 180 total today and we are set for  the next few weeks on produce and the month on caneed and dry stuff. ill have buy dairy adn stuff again in few days. But my system in nice for me. Coupons also help out tons!!! lol  I can make a penny scream from stretching it.

The EH called today to. He started out asking how me and kids were  1st red flag!

Then he asked if I ever tought of him in positive light at all  2nd red flag

Then he proceeded to tell me still ;lovedme, missed me, and yada yada yada.. Would I please take him back and love him again, remarry him and be his one and only...3rd red flag and the thing that had me lmao the rest of hte day!!!!!

I said no i never think of you as anything but a spineless, adulterous asshole. and there is no way in this life or any other that i'd ever take him back, for even  hug, let alone as my Dh again. lol

I had to hng up at that point I was laughing to hard. It all boils down to money. I get to claim both kdis every year on taxes, he has no right to claim at all, our divorce papers are worded rthis way for a reason.. he has 5 kids and my two are my two. Period. I let my dad claim them and me since we have lived in his  house this past year, while I have dealt with mine and my sons health issues., I have not been clearedfor work, so I am a SAHM and do the cooking, cleaning and general up keep of our house, but I do not pay rent. So i told dad to claim us ,  and he did. Did his taxes last night-- HE IS EXCITED!! lol he nver gets more then 100 back, he sets it up on his pay checks like this on purpose. BNut this year his return is ummm WAY BIGGER!!!! lol So he is going to be giving me some money to help  purchase things for kdis and myself that are needed and help with my car insurance. But, he is also considering the fact i let him claim them as my rent. SO WIN -WIN. But, the EH is ticked hoo. i could care less. Not my problem anymre.

Chris is doing well still, but, Missy had a bad case of diarhea todya, adn was seriously lazy all day. Layed around, not big deal, but still worried me. I mean the child turned down Pumpkin Pie-- she never turns my ppies down. lmao.  So i know she wasnt feeling well. We shall see how she is in morning.

BUt, Im off to bed. I have my own sore throat and stuffy head to get rid of, benadryl, and green tea and honey are my new best friends. So I am thinking sleep be a great ting now....again! lol

Love to all you mommas.


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Feb. 3, 2008 at 4:45 AM I just finished writing my own journal page and came over to see how you and Chris are doing. Sounds like you and I both have had a renewal of spirit, as well as mind. Thank God! I know you had it rough, and not sure how much more you could take, but for me..............I WAS AT MY LIMIT! I'm glad to hear that things are looking brighter for us both. (beside's, there's not much that helps you heal any faster, than a good laugh at the ex!) I hope your head is feeling better when you get up. I'll check in tomorrow and see. (well it's today by now! lol) Never was any good at sleeping!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 6:50 AM what a great dad. i'm just a tad envious! i know none of my parents would rise to the are really blessed there.

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