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I don't know if you know it but our parental rights are under threat. There has been an international law enacted throughout most of the world by the UN.  It basically removes the rights of the parent and gives ultimate rights to the child and the government. This is not a good thing. Throughout other countries children have been removed by swat teams from loving homes because the government said that the children were "endangered". Some reasons have been because the parents homeschool. Anyway this law came before United States approval during the Clinton administration. It passed Congress, but Clinton did not get the chance to sign it. Apparently the law can be denied by Bush and will not be a valid law in the US. Remember this is an international law so it does have different rules than one just for our country. Bush has done nothing about this. The law is still waiting for a president to enact it. This is NOT a law we want. It removes all parental rights over our children. Parents will answer to the UN authority on what is to be done with the raising of our children. I am encouraging everyone to write Bush and ask him to please do this final act of denying that law here in the United States. I am terrified by this next election. If Hillary wins this will be one of the first things that she does. We must get this nipped in the bud now or risk losing our parental rights and our children. Check out www.parentalrights.org for detailed information about this law and stories about how it has been used around the world. God Bless.

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Jul. 12, 2008 at 2:56 PM

Dear, it's "Puff puff pass"   when you're smoking crack.



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Jul. 15, 2008 at 1:50 PM And your take on teh specifics of this law are?. . .   Perhaps you just want to hop up and down without spelling out the issues?

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