It's 11:30 pm here and it is finally quiet...because Trinity is with dad. We've spent this last week on yet another one of Trinity's mystery illness adventures and are once again clawing at our brains for an answer to spare our sanity. Over a week ago, it began...crabbiness, decrease in eating and drinking habits. Mom had the answer though-she's cutting a molar DUH! It was all pointy and raw so voila problem solved. WRONG. By Tuesday she'd eat very very little and the one time she attempted to eat she vomitted. That night she vomitted all night long so the nurse said NO MILK. So no milk we go. Days pass, she drinks less and less. We begin to force it down with a syringe but it usually takes three people to do that because no matter how sick she is she FIGHTS-memories of the last time she was dehydrated, the nurses at the childrens hospital were quite impressed with her combatitive skills while giving her an IV..they said at that point of dehydration she shouldn't be able to move..but she fought...and fought. So my point being, forcing liquids via syringe is just as tricky as doing it via cup. By Thursday night she's a mess, just laid in my arms crying and whimpering. So after trying to get ahold of her doctor for three days with no is toooooo busy...we head to the ER. they say she isn't dehydrated just yet, to keep forcing fluids and gave her a shot of antibiotic for who knows what reasoning.I wasn't there to argue because i too was at home sick as a dog. Come Friday morning dad is FED up with her doctor's office and calls his doctor and makes her a patient there and gets her in that day. That doc says the same, it's a stomach bug, no milk, force fluids blah blah blah. Now it is Sunday Eve and she is STILL refusing food and liquids. We've tried EVERYTHING they suggested. At this point they want us to concentrate on high calorie foods to get her some energy...cookies, milkshakes, even chocolate but she eats nothing.  She has taken maybe 7 ounces of fluids today, two gerber graduate crunchies, one cheerio, one m&m, and three sips of pediasure. She in turn gags, regergitates and screams. She is so weak she hasn't walked nor played in five days going on six. We bought new toys thinking it would stop her crying, NOPE. We've taken her out of the house which quells her for a few moments. She's on a new schedule, cry for half an hour, sleep for half an hour. She won't sit up, stand up, just wants to lie down on my lap, in my arms, on my shoulder and cry. We're exhausted...not to mention her older sister has strep throat so i'm nursing her back to health too. Our house looks like a small war happened here and shower, when's the last time I took one? Hmmmm I've called a handful of nurses tonight in desperation. My step mom came to try to help but failed miserably. Screaming persisted. Followed by nap, then more screaming. Nurses are at a loss along with the docs over what to do. You can't force a one year old to eat. But she is too weak to do anything so she needs nourishment and lots of calories. It's a no win situation. If someone doesn't figure some course of action out soon, i'm afraid i'll end up in the nutty farm for good. It's like her colic days but worse because she can scream louder, and weighs a whole lot more to hold all day long! My heart is breaking as a mom to not know what to do for my child. I cry with her. Never once has Trin been diagnosed without at least three different doctor or hospital trips. Either she finds the oddest illnesses or thinks it's a funny game??? Dad took her to grandmas to see if he could get her to eat try to avoid the ER again because we were told because she is so weak and unwilling to sit up or won't stay happy while awake all day...then she needs to go back. Problem is, no one wants to TRY anything there.  Here's to praying again tonight for a big turnaround for her.

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