I cannot belive it's been over a month since I wrote a post. I can easily make the excuse of being busy, which I have, but there have been times when I just sit and do nothing either while the children are taking a break from schoolwork or after they have all fallen asleep at night. There are so many things I need to do, some detailed cleaning here and there, still have a Christmas box that needs to go to the attic, etc. I cannot find the energy at times, other times I ask myself if there's a point to it. I've been in and out of a mild depression here lately, normal for all wives w/ deployed husbands. At times I remind myself that life goes on, things change, people change. I've dealt with people watching me to make sure I am being a good person, wife and parent.

Starting the week before Christmas I've had sick children, plus I was sick once, then Matthew starts having eye problems- he has glasses now. We have finally had more that a week pass and praise God everyone here is healthy. Only thing I'm dealing with tonight is a migraine.

All children are in bed and asleep. I'm on here reading news, cafemom, email, etc. in an attempt to prolong my own bedtime as my bed is empty and not as warm without Jeremy. All children are actually asleep in their own beds.

We are trying to keep up with schoolwork, but that's the blessing of homeschooling, we can do school whenever, take books with us when needed, take a break when needed. For instance, Matthew will be starting speech therapy this week and the older children will take a workbook or two with us to work on while we are there. We unfortunatly live in a county that doesn't have in-home speech therapy for most and the one person who does go into homes is on maternity leave, so we will drive for 45 minutes to speech (which is a 30 minute session) then 45 minutes home.

Matthew does not really like his glasses, though I belive he has started realizing that they are helping him, in fac they already have some scratches and he has pulled on them hard enough to mess up the piece where there's a screw that attaches the lens part to the part that leads to around his ear, and he's only had them since Wednesday. The eye dr. said that if we hadn't noticed that he was having problems that he'd be blind in about 6 months in his right eye.

With my time already streched, I am feeling that Rachel hasn't had enough attention/time with me and she's acting out. I'm trying to start Anna and Joshua on their schoolwork then do something with her. She and I were supposed to go grocery shopping alone yesterday, but our sitter called at the last minute to cancel, so I had all 4 at the store with me. Needless to say, I did buy her a little extra- she LOVES ladybugs and in the toy section at Wal-Mart there was a small ladybug house for ony $3.98! yes, I bought it and I think she found a couple lady bugs to put in there already.

Other than all this, our church choir, drama, and Orchestra are getting ready for the big Easter Musical, and since Easter comes early this year, we're working hard to get the music learned. Being my first year on the flute, it has proven a bit difficult. Praise the Lord, I have a wonderful flutist next to me who not only has played for years (so she helps me a lot), but is also a military wife who has been there done that. Her DH retired last year. She has listened to me and understands where I am and has the most wonderful encouragment I think anyone has ever given me. Too bad they are moving this summer to CA.

Ok, I think that's about all for now. I better get to bed, early day tomorrow. Should be hearing from Jeremy too! 

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