i am just updating to the hundreds who read my last journal, lol... my surgry has been re-scheduled to the next Wed, i am not happy about this, i was rady for this Wed and then my bloodwork showed an infection..... so i have to wait 10 days after i started my antibiotics.... i am miserable not trying to bring anyone down w/ me but i'm very unhappy..... i had just came to grips with all of this figured al that icould out and now, i have to wait.... i know it could b a very good thing just doesn't feel like one at all!!! more weeks of not getting paid!!!!! here comes that saying my gpa always said, " be careful what you ask for" i wanted to be at home just not sick.... but i got it anyway..... now i get one more week to stew and worry about that sh*t again!!!!! now i'm just feeling sorry for myself:(   :(   :(    :(

  i guess we all do at some time or another... please let me know i'm not the only one who feels down, or sorry for myself, ineed a friend m dh is busy and grouchy...... so i'll just go to bed and cry


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