Become a Girlie Girl Shop Purse Party Consultant. It's the first step toward running your own purse party business. We provide you with everything you need and help you to succeed along the way. Contact us to request more info. and purchase your Business Starter Kit today. Check out these great benefits!

·         Free Advertising:  We provide advertisements on online sites and magazines such as, Girlistic Magazine, Roll Out,, and more.·        Hostess Referrals:  We’ll send you leads for purse party hostesses in you area.·        Purse Party Manual: Avoid mistakes! It’s the guide to having and running a successful purse party business.·        Assorted Purse Packages: We provide you with an assortment of handbags chosen by our New York City designers from the heart of the fashion district.·        Girlie Girl Shop Website: We give you your own replicated website so that you can make money while you sleep.·        Team Girlie Girl Shop Membership: Receive your membership card and receive exclusive prizes and discounts.·        Affiliate Account: Earn commission from online sales that were referred by your personal webpage.·        No Sales Quotas: Make as much as you like at your own pace.·        Receive Bonuses and Commissions: Participate in the marketing and compensation plan.·        Participate in promotional and incentive contests and programs sponsored by Girlie Girl Shop for its consultants.·        Get recognition in the Girlie Girl Shop monthly email newsletter, Girl Shop Talk.·        Consultant listing on the official Girlie Girl Shop website.·        Free Girlie Girl Shop Tote Bag

·        250 Free Business Cards

·        Girlie Girl Shop T-shirts & Pens·        Girlie Girl Shop Postcards for advertisement·        Purse Party Brochures
·        Consultant Applications

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 10:10 AM Do you have a website to go to??  Thanks!

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