Chuck's 25. Wow hes getting old. lol. I made him breakfast and a cake which the cake is still in there and hasnt been touched bc we have been gone all day. We to cinci museum with the kids. We went into this cave thing. Josh freaked out at first so Chuck had to carry him in but once we got in he was okay and loved it. he wanted to go back threw when we was done. I held Kaiden. He had an unsure look on his face but he didnt cry or anything. We went to the childrens museum. The boys played and looked around. Chuck took josh to the big boy part and me and K hung out at the toddler play ground. Then we went to the cinimax. They told us when we called it was sea monsters but when we got there it was a human body movie. Kaiden got scared in the beginning but didnt really cry just wined a second. He eventually fell asleep in there lol. We left about 10 minutes early bc Josh was bored with the movie. I think he would have liked it better if it was about animals or something. So we went and ate at BW3's. mmm Dropped the kids off at moms. Went to New York New York. I drank a little Chuck didnt. I cant even feel it at all. To bad bc the shit was expensive. So Chuck wanted us to get lap dances so we did. I went first and she stuck her boobs in my face and I started laughing. I couldnt hold it in anymore. lol. Went and pick Kaiden up spent some time together. Now Im about to go to bed. Me and Jamie is going shopping tomorrow. And i want to get a tattoo if I can find a nice place to go to.

Good night everyone.

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