I get home from work in im tired and my daughter doesnt want to go to bed i understand she hasnt seen mommy in hours but i just want to lay down and just rest it takes me and my husband about 2 hrs to get her to fall asleep i believe i think i know the reason for it its that she is so used to sleeping in her own room but now we are cramped in my sister in laws house because we just moved like 3 months ago so is not happy how everything is crazy. Since we moved her my child is more like my nefew i dont like it i want out of this house hold its not healthy for my baby. he is a spoiled little turd he wines like a baby but his 4yrs old doesnt know how to share at all hes greety and he needs to be disciplend or maybe he need better parent that accualy pay attention to him instead of negleting him and play favorites with his 11 month out baby brother its like damm it i just want to tell them off its enoying.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 1:15 AM Know the feeling my sister kept getting prego trying to get her a girl, she had three boys all about 6 years apart. Then when she had the 3rd boy she got prego within a year and had a little girl. Anything concerning the 3rd boy was neglected. Know one wants to be around him he is so mean, but he has to be that way...it is the only time they give him an attention. I swear to you as soon as I pick him up after church or school and take him any where with me, he is completely different. He volunteers to help in the kitchen, walk the dog, take care by playing toys with my 5 yr old. I bet that ur nephew is the same way. I hope you can get out of there soon because bad behavior does rub off one other kids badly. Good Luck

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