Six weeks and counting....It dosen't sound like a lot but it feels like an eternity.   I think the last several weeks of pregnancy make the first two trimesters look like a cake walk. Of course the mom in her first trimester who is spending her days face down in the toilet with all day sickness might disagree.

 Here I am, it's almost midnight.  The kids have been asleep for hours, and my hubby is snoring away beside me. It's not that I am not tired, in fact I am exhausted. When am I NOT exhausted these days?  But no matter how hard I try, or how many pillows I use to position myself I cannot get comfortable.

  And if by some miracle of fate I DO get comfortable, I will be struck with the immediate and urgent need to go to the bathroom, at which point in time, my soon to be son will decide to practice his kick boxing, scoring a direct hit to my bladder.....

 And the thing is I still have six weeks to go. I know it is going to get worse before it gets better. This is my 5th (yes 5th that isn't a typo) pregnancy. My first child was born a month premature. I remember when I was in my last month with my 2nd child, I  complained to my dr that this time was much worse than before and he smiled at me and said "You've just never been this pregnant before".

  So I told him then and there that we needed to get that kid out because I was totally miserable. I reasoned that my daughter had been born a month early and was totally fine, so we might as well go ahead and get this one out as he was as far along as his sister had been. Of course my dr didn't agree and I carried him another 3 weeks.

 I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Six weeks isn't forever, but the baby I will bring into the world is and if he is anything like his siblings, I know he will be worth it.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 1:30 AM congratulations!!! have you considered a lazy boy recliner? I know several gals who found their only good sleep in one!! If i were you I would try to get all the sleep you can get before hand~ God knows that you will need your strength!!!  Mother of one~~ lucky for me it took him only 2 weeks to start sleeping through the nite!! small price to pay (no naps during the day)

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