Herbie has just come to complete standstill which is why I am posting this update... he has had all the medications~antibiotics AND antifungals~, all the balms, oils, high end supplements... he will need a new blood panel this week but I have to look internally so the food is what I need to change.

I just thought he would be better by now, which he IS.. the mange is gone, the infection is gone, but he is still so itchy... his limp is just something he will have to deal with, but there is no reason that his skin should still itch so badly... so a new diet for Herbie AND he is GOING on a diet because he has gone from being starved to FAT! oops, my bad...

Herbie is my most frequently inquired about dog in my care... he is loved, that I know... he is still a happy old goof of a boy, but MY goal is to get him well enough to be neutered, since that doesn't fly well on the dog ranch, and two to find him a home that treats him well for the first time in his life... a nice soft, indoor bed that just wants a sweet old boy to keep them company with a nice yard for him to sun in when HE feels like it, not because he is left outdoors.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 2:12 AM Wow!! He is lookin great!! I wish I could have him.

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