Of course I will be watching the Super Bowl. I've watched them whenever I can. I think the only years I didn't watch it were the past 2 because we didn't have cable. But this year, thanks to a pair of "rabbit ears", I'll most definitely be back watching the game. It's my favorite sporting event of the year, and that's saying something. Considering I'm not too big of a sports fan. My dad is, though so I grew up watching all sorts of them. Especially the Super Bowl. We used to have parties and stuff. I recall one year, my dad making me stomp on a Minnesota Vikings hat. Who would've thought so many years ago I'd be a Vikings fan today? lol. They aren't my favorite team, but they're in my top 5. My favorite is still the 49ers, sad but true, lol. Just can't let them go. My 2nd is the Colts, 3rd is Vikings, 4th is Seahawks since I live right near Seattle.
This year, I will be rooting for the Giants because they are the Underdog, and I always tend to root for the underdog in sports. Something I got from my dad, I guess.

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