November 27th 2005

The man whose life was taken was Marcus Alvarez.  As far as I know, his murderer is still out there.  His family has relocated to Mexico after living here peacefully for years.  I returned last night from a week long trip to LA for Thanksgiving.  I enjoyed myself but am glad to be home.  Texas - home.....who would have thought?  We drove to Gretna and stayed with Stacey.  It was great to see my family.  The ride was kinda tough and uncomfortable . 

I was given a baby shower on the Sunday after I arrived there.  I received some really nice gifts but the best thing was knowing how much Stacey went out of her way to make this happen.  She even managed to have my family there without me knowing.  Ashlynne, Daddy, Cindy, The Derbs, Peach....all scattered and willing to be there for me on this occasion.   I can never tell her in words how much that meant to me.  Thank u just doesnt cut it. 

While down there, I was able to see first hand (finally) how the area was affected by Katrina.  I saw the CBD,  New Orleans East, and the parish.  I saw the bank I used to work for on Read.  Mom's house, my old neighbor hood, and I was finally able to come to grips with going to my home.  Closure at last.  of course I had to go in and see all of what I had worked so hard for for so long destroyed. 

It was still oily and muddy, but I needed to see it for myself.  Mine and Justin's room, all of our belongings....

Mom is still in LA.  she gets back in 2 days.  hopefully she will get herself back to the dr for her depression.  it's getting pretty bad now.  she screwed up part of our trip and Thanksgiving with her attitude, mood swings, and pouting.  For thanksgiving dinner she even refused to say grace.

I have almost everything I need for the baby now thanks to John, donations, dad and cindy and the shower.  I still need a crib though.  I have an ultrasound tomorrow to give me an accurate due date.

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