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So I wrote this once already and lost it but felt compelled to write it again


The first thing I said was that I wasn’t sure if I was going to post it or not, at this point I have decided to post it


It was titled OPINIONS


So here I go again

(this time written in word first so I can save it and don’t lose it incase of whatever, which is what happened last time)


I’ve spent the last hour or so reading journal posts and generally being nosy, to the extent of reading more journal posts… don’t worry I’m not a hacker and wont steal your life… I’m very happy with my own


Here’s what I’ve decided to say after crying, bitching, being pissed and choosing to stay silent for too long


I’ve read posts about a lot of things

Religion, politics, loss of a child, homosexuality, abortion and child abuse

And not all tonight so don’t bother yourself with searching for them


We all have our own opinions and our own thoughts, beliefs etc etc

Here are mine



I don’t follow the Christian God, he and I had a relationship for a long time and it was a good one… we just came to the conclusion that our time together was at an end

Its not to say that I don’t believe in him… he is just no longer “my god”… not that I have a God or Goddess or whatever


This is what I have to say about Christians…while most of you are not “Bible thumpers” the Christian religion is a proselytizing religion which means you seek converts


Don’t try to convert me I’ve been there and back … several times in fact

And its not YOUR place in MY life to do that


I have personal responsibility I don’t need your “God” to be my scapegoat, to fix my issues or to be my guardian


Don’t get me wrong I feel for all of you who have lost and am not discounting the strength he gives/gave you during your time of personal tragedy but sooner or later you have to get up and move on… DO NOT READ FORGET INTO THAT SENTENCE, THAT IS NOT WHAT I SAID, I said get up and move on

 Ok so that’s what I think there… or a little of it



Well I don’t really have much to say here I am not the devout follower of politics that some of you are but I should pay more attention and make a more informed decision

However here is what I do know

Calling names never solved anybody’s problems and wont “fix” America

So if you resort to that I’m not going to vote for you because you are way too childish to be the president



For those of you whom have lost a child, parent, grandparent, friend or someone who was close to you… I am truly sorry for your loss and will not pretend to understand what you are going through but do have compassion for you and will not begin to tell you how to greive



Gay rights… or lack there of

These people…or did you forget that they are people too

Have just as much right to work hard for what they want

Whether it be a job or a marriage

Being successful in either place is not easy

Give them a break

Let them be as miserable or happy as THEY  want to be

Don’t tell them they cant get married or have children

If they find a way to care properly for a child and love them as they deserved to be loved

Why not

There are so many children out there who deserve people who want them in their lives and don’t have it

Who are you really punishing



Its my body its my life its my child

And I have to deal with the decision(s) I make regarding those things

You do not know whether I’ve been raped or the condom broke or I’m just plain irresponsible or whether or not my life is in danger if I keep this baby

Do you consider ectopic pregnancy abortions wrong too… would you rather us both die and me not be there for the children I already have


Some people don’t deserve children

Some aren’t ready for children

Some will abuse children

And some will kill their children


Some should have abortions



I don’t even know what to say here

So for that all being said…you have the right to dislike it or to tell me I’m gonna go to “hell”  or do whatever you want


But these things that you FEEL about what I THINK




I realize I’ve put myself out there and I’m ok with that

I know what I think and I know who I am

And no matter what you say, the names you may call me or the things you will threaten me with


It’s ok

Because you know what

You have the right to feel the way you feel about what I think

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 2:06 AM well said!!

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