So, Sarah is sick. She came home from school Thursday afternoon crying as she was walking through the door about how crappy she felt. She was in bed by 8 that evening. Friday morning she wakes up with a temp of 101, give her Tylenol and send her back to bed and proceed to call the appointment line at 8 to get her in, of course, only 1 person was working that day in Ped's. However, the nurse called back and told me to just bring her in so they could do a Strep Test on her (it is spreading like wildfire at Tanana). Got that done, while at the hospital I took her down to Immunizations and got her final HPV shot and went home. Got a call about an hour later stating that her test came back negative, but...(yep, just like HOWEVER, there is always a BUT) it sounded like she has the flu.


So, she has been in bed since Thursday night. Woke up this morning with a temp of 102.5. Its now down to 99.5. Been keeping her full of fluids. Ray made her some soup for dinner, she ate maybe 5 bites of it and went back to bed.  Between sleeping, she has been texting like crazy on her new phone, lol, to her friend Emmy.

of course...

Now I am getting congested and getting that yucky taste whenever I cough. So, tonite I am gonna drink some Nyquil and get some sleep. Of course, this will be after I finish watching a couple of episodes of The Tudors. I picked it up this afternoon at Walmart!


This evening we just relaxed. I picked up some Take & Bake Pizza's from Sams. The boys have spent the majority of the evening playing one game after another on the Wii. Ray is watching Californication (he got a free download from iTunes because I bought The Tudors). And I have read Lost spoilers and played with my new phone. Stewie has been entertaining us all evening singing and whistling and Snickers and Millie are about to drive me nuts with their fighting over chew toys.

And so, I am about to run back up the stairs and harass my daughter to see what her temperature currently is and medicate her some more. Tomorrow I have to finish up Matthew's 100 Days t-shirt , run back out to Walmart and buy another Nun-chuck for the Wii, seeds for Sarah's Science Fair project .

Have one :)

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