I have been without a car for the last 6 months. Before that I was in a 1986 Plymouth Reliant...aka...not all that reliable but I made it work.

I have been COMPLETELY stressed out because I'm a single mom who has appts for both myself and my son which I can barely ever get to.

Well today my mom took me around to car dealers. On lot #7..we found great options. I was excited and knew I would get a great car. I test drove a PT Cruiser (no it's not for everyone, but I liked it) I have ALWAYS heard it had such great gas mileage...one of the reasons I wanted it. The seller even said over 30mpg...which is what I've always heard...
Because I'm a single mom with no one who knows about cars I "splurged" on all the warrenties. Its got 48000 miles on it. I couldn't believe I was able to get such a great car...That is until I got home tonight. I read a board for PT Cruiser owners and the gas mileage is a huge deal. You're lucky to get 20mpg. UMMM Im a single mom who has just added a 300.00 car payment. I HAVE TO HAVE great or at LEAST GOOD gas mileage. I feel had. I dont know how I'm going to make this work. I thought my car problems were over!!! Im too stressed out right now to cry over it, but if I could I'd be in a 5ft puddle of my own tears.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 2:42 AM No need to scream just remember how exciting you have a car that will get you to point a to point b and how you have been without for so long.  If you watch your excelleration and what not you might be able to do better mileage and just remember you did without for so long, so just dont go crazy on driving around conserve on trips and distance traveled and you will be okie I hope.  Im just excited you have something to get around in.  Good luck to you I hope it all works out for the best for you and your little one.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 2:48 AM awww, they cant be that bad...... hummm that just doesnt seem right for a car. Well just make sure to get some tune ups and a new air filter. It will be okay, at least you got a car now... :) hope you feel better.

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