I just started with a great work at home company (own your own business). I had heard about the organization before and passed it up about a year ago. Right after the new year I was approached again and I felt that this opportunity came at the right time. I sat down and they explained to me how everything works and how I will make money. I was all excited and ready to take on this opportunity because I felt that if I can work as hard as I do at a 9 to 5, then I should be able to work harder for a business of my own. I got home to share the news and the 1st thing that my future said to me was negative things about it. Now he had just heard the name from other people but didn't sit down and find out all the facts and details like I did. After I tore him a new one and had to explain to him that no matter what it is I am always behind him 100%. It really pissed me off that the one thing that I ever felt this passionate about he just downed and never thought about my feelings or even trying to back me on my decision. Now he is trying to do whatever he can to make sure that I know that he is behind me on my business decision. He also decides to help me pass out business cards. But I got the same reaction from my older sister and my younger brother. Now I would have just given up because I was so discouraged but there was one person who was right there in my corner telling me that if this is what I wanted to do then to go out there and give it all that I got...... This person was my Mother. Now I know you are saying that mothers will always tell this to their children but this is not the case with my mom. She is usually the 1st one to tell you something negative but I really took it to heart that she have enough faith me in to feel that I can do this and take it all the way to the top. There is no feeling like the one you get when there is someone there for you just because they have faith in you. She is the one that keeps pushing me to keep going and also trys to do all that she can to help me and I thank her so much for being there for me that being that she is the one true person that has been behind me from the start that I am considering her a 50/50 partner in the business and she doesn't have to do the work for the money.... Not quite sure that this is something that others would do but I got a whole new found respect and connection for and with my mom that was not there before and I'm loving it..... Just felt like sharing this information because I am so excited about the way that my life is going and how I'm gonna make my life be!                                           Smoochez

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