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I have had one of those disposable kind on hand for when I get really desperate but as luck would have it I used up the last one taking pictures of Lian's two seater space ship. His stuffed fox is his co-pilot and that deserved to remembered forever, I thought. I would have gladly traded those pictures for the sight I woke to this morning. Yesterday I noticed Lian seemed to be a bit pigeon toed so I checked his shoes and sure enough, he had out grown them, so while we were out I found a really inexpesive pair of light up sneakers. They were nothing fancy, just basketballs on the side. He didn't really seem to pay much attention when we were walking home last night but I guess he was. I noticed when I woke up this morning he was already up, unusual in that his first stop is usually crawling in next to me for a cuddle. I walked into the still dark living room to find him wearing just a pair of socks and jumping up and down in his new shoes. It was his giggling that woke me up.

Okay what I really needed was a video camera but I just about died laughing.

Hope you all have a great day!


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