So i've realized a few things about pregnancy. At first I thought ok you get pregnant ,get sick, get big, ankles swell, get bigger have baby.  Well I've only gotten this far. 

Ok today at work, well tonight at work I had to leave early cause I got this shooting pain down my backside that went straight to my butt. I am a cocktail waitress at a large casino so we get very busy.  Lately ive been trying to lighten my load.  Im a good worker but ive realized that this baby WILL come before work. A girl I work with had a miscarriage twice within 2 years. Both times she miscarried she started bleeding at work.  With her third pregnancy (1st baby)  the Dr. told her to go down to 3 days a week 5 hours a day .  She had her healthy son. Now i don't know if her carring heavy trays being on her feet for 10 hours a day with no break caused the miscarriages but i know one thing for sure I don't want to be in that position where i miscarry again.  So to the point - do I ask my doctor to write me an excuse to work 4 days 5 hours a day or am I being silly. (My now schedulewould be changing to Fri, Sa, Sun and Mon busiest days anywhere from 8-10 hours with NO BREAK) Oh and another thing while we hardly ever get breaks I decided to tell someone I was going to go get something to eat and rest my feet  for 15 min I got in trouble and my boss got pissy with me.  Well isn't it a law that if you work more than 8 hours you should at least get a 15 min break esp. being pregnant???  I meant cmon here.  

Ahhh ok sorry I had to vent with what all happened I anyone has any advice with this situation I could use your help.  Thanks so much! :) 


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Feb. 3, 2008 at 4:10 AM you sound like a hard worker, The pain in your leg is sciatic nerve pain. It tortured me during my pregnancy. I would look into your labor laws. Good luck with it all!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 11:56 PM

I did some checking and found this.  It may be worth it to double check with your HR department... maybe go to them to talk about maternity leave and get general info too to make sure.  I don't see how they could say anything contrary.  There should be a WV Labor Law Poster posted somewhere where employees can see it - maybe a break room or locker room or next to the time clock.  This poster should give you this same info.

Labor Law Quick Facts:

The West Virginia minimum wage is $6.55 per hour, with overtime after 40 hours. It applies to employers with 6 or more workers at a single location. The minimum wage for tipped employees is $5.24 per hour. Employees are entitled to a 20-minute meal break on any shift of 6 consecutive hours or more. (

 You are already being a great Mom.  Take care of yourself - listen to your body.  If the sciatic pain continues I know a great technique to relieve the pain - I had it too and I have a friend who is a highly trained massage therapist who told me how to get relief from the pain ..let me know

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