So in my family I guess I'm considered one of the crazy one's these days. Mainly because I have a pretty big tat on my ribcage and a nose ring now. Well, that's just what I like and I see nothing wrong with liking it. I mean I persocally view tat's as a piece of art. But anyways, I got a new tat yesterday and still haven't showed my parents... I'm scared to. I mean, I'm torn bc I know they won't approve but at the same time I don't care and what to show them my work! I just hate knowing how different we are and how that drives us apart sometimes. I mean, I would love to have been able to come home and show off my wrist and jab on about it, but instead I kept my sleeve pulled down so they wouldn't see. Is there anyway at all to stop caring what they have to think? Any way to just be myself and say "Except me for who I am!" without hurting their feelings? I mean, my family is my world and I love them like nothing else, but I want to be excepted for what I am, not what they think I should conform to bc that's what they want and like. I don't know.... I guess I'm just tired of being callde pincushion and looked at funny bc they don't "understand" why I do what I do... *SIGH* Sorry, just had to let out my frustration!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 11:12 AM Michael's mom still has not seen his sleeve and chest piece! My mom could care less what I do, she is too busy smoking crack!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 2:59 PM i feel the same way sometimes, not about tats and stuff but my parents sometimes rag me about mine and my dh parenting styles and it really got to me. for a while i just took it, now i'm like. look this is me and my kid, not yours! sorry you're having a rough time...hope it gets better! call me if you need to vent some more!

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