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         I was up about 2 hours ago watching VH1 and all of these videos that had me thinking about where today's music is going. I know that on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, there is the infamous Thom Yorke from Radiohead, now said to be a legend.  I agree, they (Radiohead) are legendary, just as Metallica, Aerosmith and many others whose time, exposure and multiple releases earned them a place with all of the other classic rock artists.  However, I have one problem I have always wanted to vent about Radiohead.  Here is my complaint:

        Radiohead has written such wonderful songs that even I cannot turn my back on them, and cannot deny their place in my playlist, but there are just some songs that make me want to SCREAM!!!  I don't know a SINGLE album of theirs where some MESS isn't on there to ruin the nice flow of ambience.  I know there are a lot of people out there who have taken to their oddness, but for some reason, I just can't understand the experimental music. I never could I guess.  I can handle Mr. Bungle; whom by many people's standards is even more chaotic and unstructured. 

        I look at Radiohead as like the abstract art of Music; and I never was very good at judging what in abstract art was good and not.  COULD SOMEONE TEACH ME THIS THEORY? Or I will forever be lost in a formulated "normal", and "traditional" world.  No, that is not a bad thing; but I strive on experiencing everything in life, and I just don't like it when I come across a stump in the road.  When you don't like something, it is not a choice.  That bothers me!  Why does my brain with all of its nonsensical chemicals choose my life for me? Whenever I feel bitchy about something; I tend to be stubborn on myself and ask myself, "Now what the hell is so bad about this?"   This has kept my mind so open to things. But WHY THE HELL CAN'T I UNDERSTAND ABSTRACT/EXPERIMENTAL MUSIC????? I want to love the shit that makes me cringe because it doesn't sound pretty, instead of sitting there watching Thom Yorke and wandering why he is always looking like he is  having some druged seizure singing in terrible tones that people accept as legendary!  I can't help that my brain always asks, "How in the hell can people love this?"

         But, all-in-all, Radiohead can really write some incredible songs.  I just don't understand a band that has the potential to sound so perfect, why they have to "Bowie" things up and ruin it with, oh, like the song "Mixamatosis",  "The National Anthem" or my favorite one to hate, "Fitter Happier".  I feel the same way about Bowie, btw...such great stuff and then you end up with pretty much all of the "new" Bowie stuff. 

Again, I am not saying they suck. I am saying, why do they have to put turds in with a perfectly nice album?!!  If you don't agree with me, and love or understand this type of music; by all means, explain to me why!  Help me appreciate it; teach my ears to not tell my brain to cringe and swear at these supposid legends!

Until then, I will end up switching to a more pieceful Radiohead tune like "The Pyramid Song", "Kharma Police" or "Let Down" which is my personal favorite. 

Thank you for listening!

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