What would happen if instead of complaining or worrying, we chose to pray?




 This is my thought for today. So many of us want to give up after a couple of prayers..some of us want to through down our flag because we don’t see immediate results! Its not time to stop praying! Its time to start praying until we see answers! The bible says that the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man AVALIETH much! The effectual fervent prayer. The i`m not going to stop until I see my answer! I’m not going to stop because you make my situation look bad devil! I’m not gonna stop even though it look slike its not going to happen! I’m not giving up! I have a Promise! I have a Dream! I have a vision! I have a Need! And I’m not NOT giving up! Instead of throwing in the towel and accepting defeat, we need to pick up the banner of the Lord and say Hey, I’m not letting go until you Bless me, Lord! I`m not giving up until I see the Victory! I have family who needs saved! I have children , a husband, friends, neighbors, that need saved, that need Jesus! God cares my friends! But we have to be diligent!



 I am a First Generation Apostolic Pentecostal! I live a separated life! I wasn’t born into this thing, I came in knowing absolutely NOTHING! I knew nothing, but what I found is greater than anything I found in that world! I had that world; I was the typical party girl, grew up in the world and did not find what I was looking for! I needed something more! I needed what I got today and that is the Holy Ghost! I have more than I ever had! And life has been hard, but my worst day living for God is better than my Best day living in the world. I don’t have to live this way! But I love Jesus and I want to be pleasing to Him. When someone sees me in the store, I want them to see me smiling, I want them to know they can come up to me and ask me if I will pray(Its happened)! We can have answers to our prayers! But we must be diligent!

Stop quitting before you see the fruits of your labor, Don’t give up praying about that thing, because when you do, you’ve accepted defeat! Keep praying, Be diligent! I want this lord, and I am not giving up!




Every day men and women and people are going out to eternity, we are here to finish the work Jesus came to do. We need to be diligent. Does not the bible say that we will have LIFE and have it more abundantly! I`m coming after my promises! And the enemy needs to take his hands off my family, off of my finances, off of my children, off of every part of what I care about! God shall restore to me all the years the locust has eaten! I will see my prayers answered! I am going to pray and not let go! I’m coming after my Promises In Jesus Name! Love SummerRain

Manna In The Morning

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This is a link to a sermon by Brother Mooney It last about 7 minutes, just click on the 28k link or the 56k. It is Great! Love You all!SummerRain

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 9:28 PM

You go Girl!

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 12:01 PM AMEN!!!!!

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