IT has been so cold here that I couldn't even think of going out to cook on the grill. But...It is the Superbowl! My hubby hasn't been off for the Superbowl since we have been together (3 yrs) . This yr he is getting off at 4 and I am cooking on the grill . I really don't care who wins. I know that sounds bad. But, it is just something we are going to watch together and enjoy the fun of it all. I am about to go and get the ribs and dogs so I can soak them a few hours before I cook them. mmmm.....gonna be some good eating, and I get to watch the dancing lizards commercial! LOL

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 8:27 AM i dont even know which teams are playing i just watch for the commercials=)  ribs on the grill sound good tho..yumm i do like supebowl food tho=)

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