Hi ladies

It is times like this that I wish I had 6 arms and legs three heads and the energy of about 6 or 7 moms.  This has been a trying weekend for me.  It all started on Tuesday, my oldest daughter came down with a head cold.  She refused to stay home from school on Tuesday or Wednesday and they are preparing for testing so I didn't want her to miss anything.  Well Thursday she just wasn't getting any better so I keep her home.  She was doing good all day and Friday she had two test at school so I wanted her to have the energy to study and actually take the test.  She went to school on Friday but came home and went straight to bed.

Well by Friday night I was giving cold medicine to both of my girl and now the baby is coming down with a slight cold.  The bad part is my husband works nights and it just seems like that is when the sicknesses really kick in.  My 3 year old has been wheezing all night so I have been up with her on her asthma machine.  The baby is having such a hard time breathing because he is congested.  He of course hates getting his nose suctioned.  I feel like I got maybe 3 hours sleep lazy night.  Now to top all of the coughing and sneezing, running noses and fevers they have -  My throat is starting to feel funny. :(

I so being a mom- it is a constant survival class!!!!!!!!!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 7:48 PM

I'm so sorry to hear that....Jacob is sneezy and coughy too

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 8:22 PM I hope everyone gets better quick.

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