What a hilarious question!  Will I watch the Super Bowl?  Do I really have a choice here?  Hubby and son are at loggerheads as to who will win... both are rather neutral because it's no one's "team" playing tonight.  The big argument is over the best team.  To be honest, I'm in it for the food & commercials, but any time with my guys is worthwhile!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 5:55 PM

My hubby just dropped off our 5 y/o with  one of his friends at one of our youth leaders homes for tontie til about 9pm(it is still a school night). Jeremy won't really be watching the game as much as just talking and laughing and eating with his friends from church. The kid going with him kind of invited himself to get out of his home since he has to young siblings he wants to get away from for awhile, and this kid is very hyper to boot. But, my husban said he would take him if his parents said i was okay, and I told my son the same thing. At least I know where they at the moment.

I really don't like watching sports on tv, so I just read, be on computor or whatever, maybe even do some grocery shopping or just plain cleaning.

Hope the best team wins though.

Have fun!

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