So we get our phone call yesterday to tell us all the precautions we have to take, where and when we need to go, and so much more!  I was a little worried but kinda ready to get it all over with.  So I pick William up from the sitter's and all around his eyes are extremely red.  She says he's been that way all day and I talked to my DH who mentioned William complaining abotu his eyes that morning. 

Well when William woke up this morning, his eyes were redder and crusted over.  This was definately pink eye!!!!!  So my DH calls the doctor and gets a prescription eye drop.  Then he calls the specialist and talked to the receptionist who claimed that as long as William was on the eye drop for 24 hours, then he wouldn't be contagious and could still have his surgery!  But an hour later the specialist actually called himself and said that William couldn't have it done with pink eye!!!!  OH that made me so angry.  We have been waiting all month for this! 

Anyways, to top it all off, his wheezing and coughing is back and probably wouldn't have been able to have surgery anyways.  But we still have to wait a WHOLE month because the doctor only operates once a month at Egleston.  So now we are scheduled for surgery April 4th which is the day before spring break for us.  No trip I guess, oh well........


Feb. 7th

So we went today to the specialist in the middle Atlanta.  He confirmed that it is definately Trigger Thumb and it needs to be released. Sooooo.......

March 7th my precious boy will be put under anesthesia and sliced open for surgery on his tiny hand!  Please pray for me and my family.  I am hoping that this will be it and there will be no reoccurance.  Also, I am hoping that this doesn't drastically traumatizes him! 


Here's a little of what I have been going through this week....

 I have been noticing William switching hands a lot.  He will start off coloring/eating/etc with his left hand and then have to switch to his right.  I didn't pay any attention to this since most toddlers don't have handedness figured out until around 2-3.  Also, I have noticed that he was double jointed in his thumbs because they dip in at the joint where they connect to his hand.  Well anyways, last weekend I noticed his left thumb looked a little strange.  So I tried straightening his thumb and it couldn't!!!!  I flipped!  So, I told my DH to call his pediatrician for a referral (because of stupid insurance purposes) to a pediatric orthopedist.  Well his ped. wanted to see him personally so DH took him the next day (Monday).  The ped thought it was something called Congenital Trigger Thumb but wanted to rule out trauma or a break so William was sent to get X-rays of his thumb.  All the while I was still at work freaking out about my son!  GRRRRRR......

Anyways, the x-rays shows no break, no trauma, thus confirming CTT.  CTT is a birth defect in which the tendon in the thumb doesn't grow along with the child causing the thumb to stay bent.  It usually shows up early in life but can show up later.  The ped. made the comment "I wish we could have caught this earlier" which made me a little mad/hurt.  So I scoured all my pics and sure enough, no bent thumb in any of his latest (Christmas) pics!!!  I made sure his dr knew that this was caught ASAP!!! 

But anyways, now we are dealing with trying to get a refusal from a hand surgeon in our network (grrrrr..... insurance....) so that we can go to an out-of-network specialist that is specific to pediatrics.  Its a whole big mess and I have to make his appt Monday since we couldn't get to it until late Friday. 

I am just so worn out from all of this.  I know its not life-threatening or anything but to know that my child has a defect makes me seem a little inadequate, if that sounds right.....

Thanks for reading this much.  If anyone has heard of CTT and has some comments/suggestions, please let me know!  I have read all I can find and asked William's pediatrician all I can ask.  The next step is the specialist!

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 9:20 AM Hugs to you. I know all about the insurance run-arounds. I was pregnant and had to deal with all of that. Talk about stress levels rising... I hope works out for you...

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 9:22 AM I am sure you caught it as immediately as possible. Any mom would have noticed something like that right away. I don't know anything about the condition but wish you luck and hope you get the resources you need for you and your child.

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Feb. 7, 2008 at 9:56 PM

So sorry to hear he was going to have to have the surgery. We'll keep you lifted up! Hopefully it will be a quick recovery, and he'll be back to playing in no time!

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Feb. 10, 2008 at 3:15 PM I hope everything worked out with William's tiny little thumb!!! How did it go?? Call me or message me or something! Let me know how everything is!!

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Feb. 20, 2008 at 8:38 AM I hope the surgery goes okay. I hope he's okay with the anesthesia. Good Luck!!!

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Mar. 7, 2008 at 9:42 AM Sorry to hear about the pink eye and the wheezing and coughing, too!! That sucks that the doc scheduled the surgery right before spring break!! Well, we are going to the zoo next saturday, the 15th. Wanna come??

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