If you are interested in buying or selling triple scented soy candles visit my website www.coolcandles.scent-team.com This is a great company to work for. I love these candles. There are over 100 scents to choose from. Because they are soy they don't get the black soot around the top of the jar. And they are affordable. $18.95/jar. And they come in votives too. The company sells other soy products like soap and lotion. But the candles sell themselves. If you are looking to make some extra cash this is a great way. You can sign up for a free 16 oz jar candle drawing every week. Check it out www.coolcandles.scent-team.com You can order online and have them shipped to your door!!

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Feb. 28, 2008 at 12:21 PM Come on ladies... I know you are burning candles. These are way better than some other brand names. Take a look and $18.95 for a jar candle! www.coolcandles.scent-team.com Thanks for checking it out!!

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