I haven't updated this page really in a while so it's time to do so.  

Well The holidays are over and we are already into February so i know already that this year will go even quicker than  the last year.   I have some resolutions (in my mind) but feel it's not worth to share cause most of us don't follow through on them.  By March we are once again disgusted with ourselves and have given up on the resolutions.  

 My daughter was down from Canada with my Granddaughter in January.  It was a nice visit but never long enough for me or them.   They try to cram so much into that short time they are here that they are gone and back in Canada before you know it and we have only accomplished a portion of what was on the agenda.   I miss them.. I wish they were in the States at least but for know that is where  their life is happening. 

My little one is doing great in School.  He's lost a couple teeth so has a really cheesy smile now... I remember those days.... My love for him grows stronger each day I think still and I thank God for giving me such a precious gift at what I consider, pretty late in life.

 I am busy with the HOA stuff.  My Neighborhood is filled with snowbirds so the winter months are very active and my work really picks up, being the treasurer, I have to take in all the maintenance fees and  january and February are always the busiest months here.

Our little Bella is now nearly 5 months old.   She is getting spayed this month.   She's got a wonderful little personality.   WE have found a new entertainment... Bella and the Laser pointer.... Too funny.  We laugh till we cry and she will chase that light around until we stop.  

Youngest daughter will be graduating UCF in May... Can't believe how quickly that 4 years has flown by and I don't think she even can believe it.    She is also the Maid of Honor in her best friends wedding next month.   Hard to believe that the Bride could be her in no time.  

 Well back to the cares of the day.   Will blog some more another day.

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