It actually turned into a good week this week! 

I made it in to the doctor's office Monday and she immediately gave me an uber-antibiotic to start taking. I'm feeling a HUGE improvement and well on my way to getting rid of this horrible sinus infection.

Between American Idol and LOST returning it's a good TV week. I've been dying to get back into LOST! And let's not forget the Superbowl! I'll have to dust off some good recipes and give my MIL a call. She has a chicken, bacon, pepperocini thing that my husband loves. We love to put out a big spread of appetizers and just graze through the whole game.

I even got a call earlier this week for three job assignments. One day events, spread out over two weeks but they're perfect for me. Add to that I'll be helping my friend out in her chocolate shop, helping with the books and designing a window display, and things are looking good. Anyone have any clever ideas we can incorporate into a window themed around sled dog races? It's a local event in a couple of weeks.

And to top it all husband and I actually got to go on a date last night!  Woo Hoo!  It's been a while but it was nice to be out as adults, just the two of us, and enjoy each other without any interruptions. 


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