So my mother&father in law along with my sister in law may be moving back to the US. The thought of them just a few states away makes my blood run cold! I love my father in law..he is no problem. But my mil& sil are stuck up bitches. Nothing We ever do is good enough for mommy dearest. She pretty much called my son a mistake for the first 4 months of my pregnancy. THEN she complained about our "wedding". She was an entire ocean away from me during my baby shower...and got her panties in a twist bc my mom(who threw me the shower) didn't send her an invite. There's a dozen more instances when she has been a raging bitch ...but I don't have the time or energy to sit and type it all out. You probably wouldn't even believe me! I understand that they are my husband's family...and I am going to have to live with them forever. I just want as little communication between us as possible. (me that is...not my husband) I dread the day she hops on a plane to say "hello". As terrible as it is...I am praying that my Father in Law doesn't get this job!

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