My oldest daughter came to Kansas City for a field-trip for one of her art classes.  Instead of going back on the bus, my husband went downtown to pick her up and she has spent the weekend with us.  Yesterday we surprised my other daughter(she attends a different college) and we all went and picked up her and her boyfriend and went to dinner.  It was so nice being together.  They all agreed that my belly has gotten bigger since they last saw me(only 2-3 weeks ago).  Today we will go to church then hubby will take her back to school(about 21/2 hrs each way)  I feel bad that it's Superbowl Sunday, but he may watch the game at his Mom's who lives in the same town as my daughter's school. 

I have a doctor's appt. tomorrow.  My last glucose test and a consult with anesthesia.  I haven't been feeling well.  I think my blood pressure is up.  We'll see how things go.

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