When I was younger (I'm an ancient 26 now ;) ) I was very into body art.  Though, due to lack of funds I've only managed two tats and a few piercings throughout my growing up.  As I've had children and climbed up the corporate ladder at work I've taken most of them out and grew my hair out to cover my tat at the base of my neck.  I've had my nipples, belly button, tongue, and ears pierced.  My tongue doesn't close but I've had the ring out for a few months now because of trying to get promotions at work.  I had to take my last nipple rings out because of having my last baby and still breastfeeding.  I took my belly button ring out when I got preggo the first time.  So really I'm down to my three earring holes but even two of those have closed up because I don't wear earrings because little babies like to pull them out.  *sigh*

For my tats I have a purple pentagram at the base of my neck and a moon and some stars inside a sun between my shoulder blades.

So for some reason last night I got a wild hair up my butt and I went and got my nose pierced.  It used to be a huge no no at work but I'm in a smaller town and there seems to be a little more freedom granted up here for such things.  Besides, if they fire me there are other things I'd rather be doing with my life than working for a major corporation that holds people back (more on that rant another day).  Plus, I've been with the company for 9 years, they can give me 4 weeks for my nose to heal and I can get a retainer in there that you can't see.  It takes an act of "GOD" to fire me anyways (because of how long I've worked there corporate big wigs have to come up and do it, my direct manager can't).

To me body art is an expression of your inner self for people who would otherwise not take the time to get to know you.  It is me decorating the temple the Divine gave me! 

When I find my camera I'll take pictures and post up here. 

Anyone else want to tell me about their body art?

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