Just wanted to introduce myself.  My name is Joanne.  We moved to Northport, Long Island,  NY in September (myself, my husband & my daughter Michele.  My other daughter moved in with her boyfriend - she's 24 (still having a tough time with that).  We  have a bernese mountain dog & 2 black cats - Romeo & Juliet.

Now that we've settle in & my husband retired - I got myself a part time job.  Work in Macy's - very convient - money sticks.  Worked in Manahattan for 15 years before kids and got paid the big bucks - Those days might we over trying to get work in the neighborhool

I like to knit, cook, talk on-line, meet people & shop.

Drop me a line to say hi

Joanne (vigenjo)


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May. 2, 2008 at 8:51 PM Just to say Hi, i live in Northport too, in Fort Salonga area. My name is Lily, i have a 2 years old girl her name is Victoria, and i am a stay at home mom.i love to knit too, but with a little girl i can not  do too much, and i love cooking too, i always try to make something new , i love all kind of food, but rigth now i am trying to make some french recipes. it is very pretty and quiet Northport, i love it. i live on a hill so in winter you can see the beach from a big window.

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