I am wondering if I can break free of being so shy. I need friends that I can go do things with and call with out feeling that I am always putting them out. Right now I have my husband and my kids. I have never really had friends really and my extended family is bissy. ( I don't feel like apart of the family)

 I have grown up moving every couple of years. I would make friends but no one would write me back once my family would move. Now that I am an adult well my divorce didn't help much the first marriage didn't help much. Now I stay at home and do not go out much. I am painfully shy ( yes it cause me pain) I hate to shake hands or to be hugged as a greeting. I often wounder if I should call people I have known in the past and ask if I have some horrible habit I do not know I have.

Now where would I go to find friends? I do not want a new man I have a wonderful husband but I would like a friend or two that I can go out with and do things with. My husband will be going to Iraq again and once again there will be no one to talk to or even just watch movies with.

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Feb. 3, 2008 at 10:29 AM

Do you have any interests? For instance, if you like sewing, you can see if there's a sewing circle in your area. Is there are child care centre that you can go to and visit? Or a park nearby? You are a great person! I don't believe that you have any bad habits that would make you unlikeable. The only way you can truly meet people is to get out there and be around them though. You may not have to reach out to anyone but if someone reaches out to you, make sure you say hi back. :)


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