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PhoneHog is running a special friends-and-family offer that includes a calling card giveaway. I wanted to extend an invitation for you to reserve yours now and get your friends in on this deal. You can view my personal invitation below:

I have already earned 60 minutes free.  Yes it works and I've made a call using my free minutes.  Here is a copy of my mintes that have been awarded so far.
You have earned 60 PhoneHog minutes since joining!



This report displays the total number of minutes credited to your account to date. Please note that it may take up to 5 business days for some transactions to post to your account.

Minutes Rewarded
Ads Clicked: 0
Ads Fulfilled: 60
Questions: 0
Offers: 0
Referrals: 0
Promotional Code: 0
Mall Purchases: 0
VIP Membership Monthly Points: 0
Total: 60
Ad Description Date Last Viewed Date Clicked Date Fulfilled Minutes Earned
US Insurance Multi Email Ad 1/28/2008 1/28/2008 16:40 1/28/2008 19:10 1/29/2008 11:09 25
Ipsos Person Bonus Multi Email Ad 2/2/2008 2/2/2008 19:13 2/2/2008 19:38 2/2/2008 23:28 28
Win Your Cru Bonus Multi Email Ad 2/2/2008 2/2/2008 19:13 2/2/2008 19:27 2/2/2008 19:40 7
  Total: 60

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