The Superbowl is today between the Patriots and the Giants, and I work from 11am-8pm.

It has been said that during the Superbowl, pizza places are the busiest (you know? superbowl, pizza, and beer go together) Now, if we do not get busy during the biggest game of the year, I think that the owner should shut the damn place down. No lie! You know there is something wrong with the business if we don't get slammed.

Everyone knows who reads my blog, how much I do not like the place that I work and my reasons for it so we will see what happens.

Hell, I called last night to see if I had any orders going out for today and the cork board was bare. lmao!

When my fiancee worked for their company, he said that he remembered when you didn't have a minute for yourself and boards used to be filled with orders for later on that evening with 10-20 pizzas per order.

Personally, he is just running the company to the ground. Even one of our other managers said that they ran into someone that worked for us that works at another pizza place called Upper Crust, and that person said that the owners to other pizza businesses don't like our owner. Just goes to show what type of place I work for......

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