So, i hear there was some sort of copyright out there on using the term "SuperBowl" so lots of places promoting their super bowl parties, have had to change it the "the big game" or whatever.  How stupid is that!!  Anyways, we will watch the game tonight.  Hopefully it's good enough to keep our attention the whole game.  Last year's had us for the first 5min, then the Bears lost is all and it was sucky after that, the commercials weren't even very good last year.  That usually my favorite part, too!!  So, in tradition we will have snack foods, chips and salsa, wings, ect.  Sit in front of the TV, talk and have fun.  O-man will probably be in bed before kick-off, so it will be a nice relaxing evenning for hubby and I!! 

Have fun :)

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